Bottega Maremmana is an online shop, but with all the peculiarities of the classic and traditional shop. A small emporium where only the best products are stocked and where the managers with their wisdom know what to stock on the shelves. A shop where the shopkeepers know how to listen to their customers and advise them on what to choose. Advice not dictated by forced and "market" rules, but by the taste and still genuine flavour of the Maremma. Sabrina and Paulo are not just two virtual "storekeepers" but two flesh and bone people that devised the BOTTEGA MAREMMANA project to publicise and promote the gastronomic culture of Maremma all over the world.

Sabrina and Paulo live in the Maremma and love the places, the traditions and flavours and cultivate a great passion for them that has always brought them into contact with the small local producers. Every single product of Bottega Maremmana is not only "selected", but carefully chosen by taste and by type of production. For each product, Sabrina and Paulo know and have seen with their own eyes how it is made and by whom, where and with what ingredients.